Full Day Workshop Saturday 31st August 2019 ~ with Sika
10.30am – 4.30pm – £65 –  Tickets Here

Wow.. this is a rare opportunity & an unprecedented request for an event.. but the AWAKENED – Holistic Healing Event was created to raise vibration.. and part of that is to offer workshops that enable you to feel empowered and evolve..

So here it is..  SOUND JOURNEY WORKSHOP – 1 Day £65

Start in a circle…Smudge – Bullroarer to open the portal.
Honouring, Prayers, Intentions.
Introduce myself.
Introduction to the world of Sacred Instruments.
Cultural stories of the instruments and how they came to me.
How to play the instruments (briefly).
How to use sound for Journeying and Healing.

Workshop schedule –

There will be 5 separate Journeys of 15 minutes. After each one, we will have time to draw and write, creating from our experience.

The Four Elements & The Medicine Wheel.
Drawing a Medicine Wheel on your own piece of A2 paper.

1st Sound Journey – SOUTH prayer – Water, emotions, child, innocence

2nd Sound Journey – NORTH prayer – Air, mind, adult, wisdom, intellect, clarity

3rd Sound Journey – WEST prayer – Earth, body, woman, female, introspection


LUNCH BREAK – CD and merchandise sales

4th Sound Journey – EAST prayer – Fire, spirit, vision, man, male

5th Sound Journey – CENTRE prayer – Mystery, void, unborn, unknowable

Sharing circle. A chance for everyone to speak about their Journeys and to share an overview of how they see themselves within their Medicine Wheel.

Closing prayer. Gratitude. Bullroarer.

Tickets Here.. £65