Announcement.. Awakened 2018

The past 2 years the AWAKENED Holistic Healing Event has been a great success in terms of it’s creation and intention which was to Raise Vibration.. and it has done so!

I still receive emails, messages and reviews saying how the vibration of the event has helped assist them in some way on their journey from both visitors & exhibitors..  we have had both years a wonderful gathering of amazing exhibitors all resonating with the Awakened vibration and also many that have delivered fantastic Workshops, Meditations & Yoga Sessions.. as well as those that have stood on the stage and given their all with Music, Mediumship, and unique gifts.. We have, both years had a diverse and dedicated team of volunteers that have assisted in delivering this event.. so in gratitude to all that have participated and all that have resonated with the event that has been created in Love & Unity!

Most of you know that this event was ‘given’ as channelled and not something I set out just to create!  And therefore something I do on top of my ‘Vocational work & Teaching’ it has also been delivered as a non profit event to cover itself and some of the time spent to organise it but as you may realise it takes literally months of work for an event this size.  Much of the momentum comes from also raising awareness & funds for The Freedom Centre – who do an amazing job in supporting the homeless and vulnerable.

So after much soul searching and much consideration on many levels it has been decided not to deliver the AWAKENED Holistic Healing event this year..  I appreciate that many of you will be disappointed but I hope that you can know that this has taken some time to reach this decision.  I am also putting out the intention that if the support and interest is there then I can definitely look at delivering the event again for 2019..  this will be a guided decision based on the feedback received.

We had already rebooked many exhibitors, caterers, new exhibitors & volunteers that were wanting to participate – so I thank you all deeply for your continued support and of course if you to wish to see this event live again next year then let me know.. and together we can create the intention – In the meantime all deposits have been refunded and are on the way to you.

It seemed appropriate now to confirm this decision as it is that time of year when the main preparations are put in place and the tickets would go live.

So I wish you all a great summer and look forward to seeing many of you again soon – you are welcome to connect directly through my facebook page – or website –


Tracee Cullen
Event Founder & Co Coordinator
High Dimension Teacher, Mentor & Retreat Facilitator.