Would you like to volunteer for 2022?

Our team of volunteers are crucial to the event and we look forward to welcoming you to the collective AWAKENED Team – Join as a volunteer

We have for previous AWAKENED events always had an excellent team of volunteers,  some of which are known as ‘the core’ team who work with me behind the scenes to get the event up and running – this includes helping to put banners up, admin, walking the land – to assess for the event requirements, health and safety and also the set up and pitching that happens before anyone else is on site.

We then have a number of volunteers throughout the event, some of which help every day, others that help set up and set down from the event and some that come for a day.. all of which are essential in the collective team achieving delivery of a very special event.

Every volunteer is important and likewise we need reliable people that share the energy to achieve such an event that’s ethos is to raise vibration for all that attend.


As a volunteer depending on how much participation you have there are benefits given to you in exchange for your help;

♥ Discount on Food vendors at the event
♥ FREE time to enjoy the event
♥ FREE Entrance for the Weekend
♥ FREE Camping for the weekend
♥ Cost price Bell Tent Hire (shared Tent for Volunteers – sleeps 6)
♥ When possible discount tickets for evening performances/sessions

Each volunteer is recognised by wearing a High Vis – AWAKENED Top, showing that you are active and a part of the team,  also a safe haven should someone need help, support or become lost.

All in all we have a great team and it has brought us over the past few years much learning, development and also laughter.. this is essential through the hard work it takes to create an event of this vibration and to deliver it authentically and as per the vision – to raise vibration.

Should you resonate then we look forward to welcoming you to the team!

Join as a volunteer