AWAKENED 2020 – Holistic Healing Event is a 3 Day festival and will be held this year on our usual weekend – August Bank Holiday 29th, 30th & 31st August 2020 – Venue to be confirmed .

Would you like to exhibit at Awakened 2020?
– Exhibitor & Catering Booking Forms below.

Want to offer a Workshop, Meditation or Yoga session at AWAKENED 2020?
Details & workshop forms below the exhibiting booking forms.
Would you like to Volunteer? – We are now looking for our core team for 2020!
Initially please complete the volunteer form – click here for volunteer page.

We are in full gratitude to all the amazing exhibitors that have previously gathered for our AWAKENED events & to all that are returning again for 2020.  We would also like to welcome those of you that will be joining us for the first time.  ALL of you are resonating with the AWAKENED Vibration.

Book your Pitch for AWAKENED 2020.

– Here are the direct booking forms – (All other information below).

Indoor pitch prices & sizes 2020: (Manor house or marquee) – Booking Form
During our 2019 event we were able to give some ‘extra space/tables’ indoors as a new venue.  However please make sure you book enough space required as extra tables cannot be ‘added’.

– These pitches are within the Beautiful Manor house or in a Marquee.  If in the Main House they will be located throughout the various rooms – from the morning room, study, panelled hall & more.

Please state on your booking form if you prefer to be in the Manor house for reasons such as *artwork needing to be inside due to condensation.
* Previous Exhibitors Discount
– £195 *£185 Pitch for 6ft table or bed (& access)
– £325 *£315 Double pitch (12 ft)
– £165 *£155 Pitch for 4ft table (& access) – Ideal for Readers.

Outdoor pitch fees & sizes 2020: (bring your own Gazebo/Tent) – Booking Form
– These pitches are within the main grounds of the Manor House – the front lawn or the Courtyard (new area for exhibitors).

We can accommodate 3 different pitch sizes depending on your requirements.
* Previous Exhibitors Discount
– £165 *£155 4m by 4m (13ft) outdoor pitch for 3 days
– £30 (add) – £195 – Up to 5m by 5m
– £50 (add) – £215 – Up to 8m by 8m

Catering Pitch (outdoor bring your own Van/Tent/Gazebo – Booking Form
We welcome Vegetarian & Vegan Caterers to apply for a pitch.
– For full details of trading as caterer please see the booking form which also gives required information for electric, trading, seating areas, pitch sizes, times and location etc.

Trading – is for 4.5 days for caterers ONLY.  This will be from the Friday (set up day) until Tuesday 11am (everyone must be clear from venue by 12 noon).

Catering pitch fees & sizes 2020:
* Previous Exhibitors Discount
– £180 *£170 4m by 4m (13ft) outdoor pitch for 4.5 days
– £30 (add) £210 Up to 5m by 5m

– £50 (add) £230 Up to 8m by 8m (was £70)

If you have any questions then email me directly –

Delivering Workshop, Yoga or Meditation sessions at AWAKENED 2020

Workshops: (Exhibitors only) – 3 Workshop areas – Booking Form
For those of you that would like to deliver a workshop there will be again a 3 day extensive programme, (these slots are for exhibitors only) – please submit your workshop here once you have booked your pitch. – Booking Form

Meditation / Yoga Tent: (Exhibitors only) please submit it here – Booking Form20160827_170525

If you would like to provide a Yoga session or Meditation within the sacred space of the Yoga/Meditation Tent then please let us know, this is a lovely space and the sessions are Donation Only – 50% to you the facilitator and 50% to the charity.

All other information:

We are again giving are returning exhibitors their loyalty discount.  So those that exhibited in 2019 will receive a £10 discount if re booking by Saturday 14th September 2019.  Please also state on the booking form if you would like your same pitch.

Our pitch prices were reduced in 2019 by approx £30 as we were able to make a few adjustments and as always this was passed on to our exhibitors and continues for 2020.  – All our prices are set accordingly to deliver a professional 3 event with a fair exchange.

As always we offer our existing exhibitors the opportunity to return to the event and also give a discount each year for continued support and then we can accommodate those that are wanting to attend for the first time or returning from previous years.

Each year we make a considerable effort to ensure that we have a sensible amount of exhibitors offerings and retail so that what is offered is in balance and in harmony energetically.  We welcome you to apply and bring your energy to the event.

Exhibitor Workshops, Yoga & Meditation Sessions –  this is an integral part of the AWAKENED event and we are well known for delivering an exceptional workshop programme.  This is beneficially for everyone, the visitors to have much choice, feel empowered from much learning, sharing of energy & knowledge, and our exhibitors because this creates a beautiful space for a 3 Day event – these sessions are also ONLY given to our exhibitors to deliver (we do not accept outside speakers without exhibiting).

Each exhibitor is offered the opportunity to apply to deliver up to one Workshop a day and/or one Meditation or Yoga session – these will be advertised in the programme and social media extensively.

Note:  ALL pitches are for the 3 days and exhibitors MUST attend the event for the 3 days to keep the energetic vibration high.. we do not allow 1 or 2 day exhibiting at the event for this reason and disruption caused.

New exhibitors:
We welcome you to the event and all new exhibitors will be considered and offered a pitch based on a first come basis and allocation of what space/requirements we have.
– You can join by completing the following booking form dependant on if you would like to be indoors or have your own gazebo.

ALL exhibitors (previous & new) – If you would like to exhibit for this years event then please complete the relevant booking form ONLINE – we very much look forward to sharing the AWAKENED 2020 with you!


The Healing Tent – Donation Only – Please contact Tracee directly if you would like to be a part of the collective sacred space – The Healing Tent.20160827_165646

For those that would like to offer Healing at the event within the QUIET Sacred space of the Healing Tent – this is offered as a donation only (min £10 suggested to visitors).

To keep the ambience this is NOT for those wanting to promote their business or offer anything other than healing (as the main pitches allow for this and is up to you then to charge accordingly, advertise and give leaflets etc).
The Healing Tent is promoted as the collective not on an individual basis.

Volunteer at AWAKENED 2020:

Would you like to volunteer? – Join as Volunteer

Our team of volunteers are crucial to the event and we look forward to welcoming you to the collective AWAKENED Team – Join as Volunteer

Volunteers are given a detailed list of requirements so that we can match you to what you are comfortable to help with, duties can be from taking monies for entrance, charity collections, raffle, ticketing, workshop steward, car park assistant, set up and down for the event and much more!

We are always grateful for those that are also able to help with leaflets, posters and banners before the event – come and join us!

Thank you everyone – We look forward to this years gathering the setting is stunning & peaceful along with many exhibitors, plus many healers in The Healing Tent we are looking forward to seeing you all for this very special event that has been created in Love & Unity.

Tracee & The Awakened Team.xx