Visiting the AWAKENED event is a treat for you all..  whatever age..  bringing together in unity many Spiritual souls from all walks of life to North Devon..

With so much to offer and all set in the beautiful peaceful setting this is a high vibrational weekend for sure.

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Free Workshops – As always we have a 3 day extensive programme of free workshops & talks provided by many of our amazing exhibitors all sharing their knowledge and time to assist in the raising of vibration and empowering those who gather to the event.

Whether we listen, share, seek or just bring our energy to the event we are all joining in.

Exhibitors – many of the exhibitors have attended previous AWAKENED Holistic Healing Events and will be returning again for 2020, in addition we always welcome new exhibitors and embrace what they bring to the event by resonating with the vibration and intention set.  A current list & description of exhibitors attending will be added closer to the event.

The Tents – are a big part of AWAKENED and the creation of this event was initiated by wanting to provide and deliver the ‘Tents’ that offer different specialised areas for you to explore..  Over time some of the ‘Tent’ areas have been delivered in different spaces according to venue as well as beautiful rooms with character and ambience.

The Healing Tent – this is a sacred space that has been created specifically for healing sessions exclusively, so that they may take place in a peaceful setting without promotion or chatting etc..  These sessions are also on a donation basis only – minimum suggestion is £10 for 30 mins.

The Meditation & Yoga Tent – This has become such a popular area and is where hourly Yoga and meditation sessions are delivered from many different disciplines with various focus as described individually as per the teachers knowledge and wisdom being shared.

These are based on a donation basis only – 50% to the facilitator of the session & 50% to our chosen charity.

The Chill out Tent – This is a Bell Tent that is a quiet space for relaxation and as it says to ‘Chill Out’ – often with Indian colourful cushions, bean bags and space to replenish.

Meditation/Reflection Tent – This was a new space for us in 2019 offering a ‘silent’ space specifically for reflection and meditation for individuals to process and to essentially some time out to go within.  Meditation cushions are provided within.

The Indigo Childrens Tent – Depending on venue this is either a large tent or as 2019 the whole sports hall area for the children’s area – which was well used and loved by many.. both adults & children!

The vision originally and I am pleased to say this has been achieved, beyond expectations – was to deliver spiritual and holistic play, activities to the children that visit AWAKENED, and is done so with vibrant caring teachers that are also facilitating child care as well as spiritual sessions.  All are DBS checked as you would assumed.

The workshop Tent –  The ethos of the workshop area is to empower others and to deliver workshops that allow visitors to participate in their own spiritual journey,  rather than to just seek answers from others – to take something away with them from the sharing of knowledge.  This has been extremely beneficial and popular and has evolved creating an extensive 3 day workshop programme that has people finding it difficult to choose which one to attend, as it is ALWAYS jam packed with much goodness!

Evolving again – for the past few years we have..

The Inspirational tent/workshops –  where we hold longer workshops to enhance learning, development, self empowerment & confidence.

This ‘Tent’ has been created for the empowerment of others, to provide opportunities for you to attend longer teaching workshops with established teachers & speakers to explore your own self development, raise your vibration, confidence.

These sessions are chargeable as an exchange of energy,  always kept to an affordable amount that is lower than ‘normal’ charges for the course offered – this allows us to bring great opportunities to one central place rather than you searching and travelling to many places to attend these courses.

So we look forward to your visit and to sharing our next event – AWAKENED 2020!

Namaste – My soul honours your soul.