Visiting the event this year will be a treat for you all.. bringing together in unity many Spiritual souls from all walks of life to North Devon.. with so much to offer and all set in the beautiful Taw Valley this will be a high vibrational weekend for sure.

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Free Workshops ~ We have again a 3 day extensive programme of free workshops & talks provided by many of our amazing exhibitors all sharing their knowledge and time to assist in the raise of vibration.

Exhibitors ~ many of the exhibitors that attended last year will again be returning to theAWAKENED Holistic Healing Event, in addition we have increased our pitches slightly so we have also been able to accommodate those that were unable to attend last year and this ethanol wish to join us, all resonating with the AWAKENED vibration. Please click here for list & description of exhibitors attending.

The Tents ~ a big part of the  reaction of this event was initiated by wanting to provide and deliver the ‘Tent’ that offer different specialised areas for you to explore..

The Healing Tent ~ this sacred space has been created for healing sessions exclusively, so that they may take place in a tranquil setting.  Click here for full details.

The Meditation & Yoga Tent

The Chill out Tent

The Indigo Childrens Tent

The workshop Tent

And now this year we have..

The Inspirational Tent where we will hold lonher workshops to enhance learning, develooment, self empowerment & confidenve.

This ‘Tent’ has been created for the empowerment of others, to provide opportunities for you to attend longer teaching workshops with established teachers & speakers to explore your own self development, raise your vibration, confidence.