Catering for AWAKENED 2019 –

This year at AWAKENED we are continuing to offer everyone free choice for their conscious food options so we have ethically sourced providers in all areas offering throughout the weekend, Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten free, Meat options and curries!

  • Devon Food Co
  • Raw Food Dude
  • Vegan Food Stand

We have one more caterer joining us as well – Vegan Caterers – just waiting for the confirmed content to upload for you. 🙂

Devon Food Company –


We are a small local business, with the ethos of supporting other small independent retailers wherever we can.  For example our beef, lamb, venison and pork burgers are made by one local company and do not travel more than 15 miles.  Likewise with our butcher’s sausages – all made to order weekly and delivered to us.

Our catering trailer is an upcycled late sixties horsetrailer and reinvented to a quirky event masterpiece we love, as opposed to buying a modern day purpose built catering trailer!

We hope you love our food as much as we enjoy providing it for you.

Served in fresh bakery tiger, plain or granary rolls
Local Pork sausage in a roll   £3.00
Prime bacon in a roll (2 rashers) £3.50
Sausage and bacon in a roll (2 rashers) £4.50
Double local sausages in a roll £4.50

Double Vegan sausage in a roll £4.00
Griddled Halloumi served with rocket, red onion, ranch dressing £4.00

Local Butchers Prime ¼ lb beef burger a roll £4.00 (Gluten free available)
¼ lb Bacon Burger (2 rashers) £5.00
¼ lb Bacon Cheeseburger (2 rashers) £5.50

Speciality Butcher’s Burgers
Local handmade venison burger served with a thick cheddar cheese slice, fried onions and a redcurrant compote in a quality bakery roll. £5.00

Local handmade pork burger with onions, creamy coleslaw and apple sauce/sweet chilli sauce in a quality bakery roll. £4.00

Local handmade lamb burger in a bakery roll served with raw red onion, yoghurt and mint dressing £4.50

Non meat burgers:
Spicy bean burger, served with a a thick cheddar slice, fried onion and a creamy coleslaw (coleslaw non vegan). £4.00. (Using Violife vegan cheese £4.50)*poss further choices of non meat burgers if curries are not served

Hot and cold beverages served throughout the day, inc decaf tea/coffee/herbal teas/cans/bottle of water/mochas/hot chocolate etc

Evenings – Handmade curry of the Day served from 4pm-7pm……
Freshly made curries to serve late afternoon/early evening 

There will be one meat option each day and a vegetable korma: Served with piping hot rice, an individual nan, raita and mango sauce

Chicken Jalfrezi                                            £7.50
Stir-fried chicken fillet in a medium spicy sauce with peppers & tomatoes (Mild/Medium)

Beef  Madras                                                 £8.00
Prime beef  marinated then cooked in a rich sauce with onions, tomatoes, peppers and ground almonds – (Medium/Hot)

Thai Green Chicken Curry                          £7.50
Stir-fried chicken fillet in a coconut based sauce with lemon grass, fresh ginger, garlic, peppers & onions – (Medium)

Vegetable Korma                                           £6.50
Selection of vegetables in a rich creamy coconut sauce  (Mild)

Raw Food Dude Menu – Juice Bar menu

Freshly-made while you wait- Juices M- £3.75 L- £4.25

Carrot, Apple, Ginger
Apple, Mint, Celery, Lime
Hangover cure
Beetroot, Orange, Lemon, Ginger, Celery, Carrot
Liquid Sunshine
Carrot, Lemon, Ginger, Orange
Funky beets
Beetroot, Apple, Mint, Lime

Custom – Any 6 ingredients
Sweet – Orange, lemon, carrot, beet.
Karat gold – Carrot, lemon, lime, ginger
Just Orange – Orange

Smoothies – M-£3.75 L-£4.25
Banana Milk-shake –
 Bananas, Almond milk, Coconut sugar

Green Machine Smoothie – Fresh Kale, Apple Juice, Banana, Lime, Ginger, Mint

Raw Chocolate Latte – Raw chocolate powder, Almond milk, Coconut sugar, Banana

Add-Ons – 50p
Vegan blend protein powder

Superfood Elixirs –  Large – £5
Raw chocolate black-out!
Green Goodness
Raw Power
Lucuma latte
Tumeric Latte

Vegan burger – £5.50 with salad, vegan mayonnaise and tomato relish.