Exhibitors for AWAKENED – Holistic Healing Event 2017

Exhibitors ~ Main Marquee

Penny JonesPenny Jones – Aurbic Art – www.pennyjonesaurbicart.com
Selling prints & cards.  Painting spirit guides.

I am a Psychic Artist based in Weymouth Dorset.  I call my work Aurbic Art, a play on the words Aura and Orbs.
At fairs I paint large Orb pictures and read for the sitter using my own deck. The Orbs are circles of Colour which represent the essence of a Loved one or Spirit Guide. They can be taken home and used as a focus for meditation.

I sell a range of Prints, Cards and original work.


Jacqui Warne – Helping to Heal – www.helping2heal.co.uk
Angels, Angel crafted accessories & jewellery.  Gemstone jewellery & boxed crystals.

Jacqui started Helping2Heal in 2015 as a hobby to help her personally with bereavement, her products include: hand crafted gemstone angelic accessories and jewellery, Angels, Angel candles, Angel cards, CD’s and Books and much more….. Jacqui loves meeting new people and uses her weekends to attend events to share her collections with beauty people.

Karen Pryce – Clairvoyant – Clairvoyant readings, demonstartion of mediumship.  www.karenpryce.co.uk

Karen Pryce PictureKaren is regarded as a International Clairvoyant with an extraordinary gift, over the last 25 years Karen has, given countless readings, helped thousands of people from all walks of life with the various obstacles or decisions they have faced in their lives – whether those obstacles or decisions relate to their personal decisions, relationships, careers, businesses, or the passing of loved ones.

Karen will also be a part of our Sunday Evening offering Mediumship & working interactively with the audience and card readings. (Tickets available Now).

Patrick Gamble –
Psychic & Spiritual Artist – www.patrickgamble.co.uk
Private Readings, Psychic Art, Prints, Cards & paintings.

Patrick will also by Painting an original painting & it will be given away to someone in the audience on the Sunday Evening! (Tickets available Now).


Greg Smith – Mediumship / Clairvoyant Readings – www.clairvoyantgregsmith.co.uk

Greg will also be a part of our Sunday Evening offering Mediumship & working interactively with the audience using photos. (Tickets available Now).

Cheryl Shepard pictureCheryl Shepard – Psychic Tarot Readings – www.facebook.com/cheryl.lorraine.5
Cheryl has been reading the Tarot for many years, she first became interested in divination as a child watching her grandmother reading the tea leaves!

Cheryl is renowned for readings which are uncannily accurate and insightful, complemented with compassionate wisdom,and she has an impressive portfolio of  regular clients.

Neshla Avey
Neshla Avey – Tarot & Tree of Life Archetype Readings –  www.neshlaavey.com

Neshla is an intuitive psychic reader who is known for her empathetic approach and for encouraging others to make changes in their life for the better.  Using the Tarot as a guide Neshla will identify the opportunities around you and help you discover your true self. Neshla also works with the Tree of Life and Archetype cards depending on the type of reading required.    Neshla also has a passion for Rahanni Celestial Healing and was one of the first practitioners to be attuned in January 2009.  She has since been teaching this wonderful healing modality to many and helping them on their own spiritual path.  Neshla is the Founder Elect of Rahanni Celestial Healing and has taken over from Carol Stacey, the Founder since March 2017.

Jackie TownsendLeo Moon Astrology – Jackie Townsend – Astrology Readings – https://en-gb.facebook.com/LeoMoonAstrology/

Jackie will be offering one-to-one Astrology Birth Chart readings and forecasts for the year ahead.


A natal chart or Birth Chart is a map of the solar system cast at the exact time and place of your birth. This provides a blue print of your true nature, purpose and identity.

THE YEAR AHEAD…..The Solar Return chart is a map of the sky cast at the moment the Sun returns to the same position it occupied at the time of your birth. This provides an insight into what lies in store for your year ahead.

13731587_10157308111720093_6377140576473901961_nDax Rox – Daniel & Adam Neale – www.facebook.com/DanRoxCrystalsBizarre

Dan Rox was established in 2015 as a place for us (Daniel and Adam Neale) to embrace our love of Crystals and Stones. 
We are passionate about what we do & hand pick the pieces we sell, we endeavour to bring the highest quality in Crystals and Energy to each show.
We stock a large variety of Crystals, Display Pieces, Spheres, Lingam, Raw Pieces, Wands and Tumble Stones

Helena Clarke – (no Website)
Dream Analysis, Numerology, & Intuitive guidance with Unicorn cards.

joylina picture.pngJoylina Goodings – Living with Soul – Psychic, Clairvoyant, Tarot, Angel & Soul Readings – www.joylina.com

Joylina Goodings is an inspirational speaker and teacher, angel expert, psychic clairvoyant, healer and author.  She is author of the acclaimed “Your Angel Journey – a guide to releasing your inner angel”, (amongst other books).

Acclaimed by clients and colleagues alike, Joylina combines her intuitive, psychic, clairvoyant, healing & counselling skills in assisting her clients to forge a deeper connection to their “soul selves” and Life Purpose.
A consultation with Joylina leaves you feeling uplifted and confident in the choices you make. All readings are recorded.

Joylina teaches and gives readings all over the world via Skype, Telephone and in Person. She is President of the British Astrological & Psychic Society, a Reiki Master/ Teacher, Master NLP Practitioner & Time-Line Therapist, a Bereavement Counsellor and appears in Media, TV & Radio.  She leads spiritual holidays, workshops and retreats all over the world and around the UK as well as at the College of Psychic Studies in London.  

13719499_1727854467464046_1323346975114930687_oIntwined Therapies – Barry Mansfield  https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=intwinedtherapies
Usui Reiki, Spiritual Healing, Angelic Reiki, Indian Head Massage, Oriental Face Massage, Hand, Arm, Leg & Foot Massage.


Susan Hudd ~ Clairvoyant Mediumship & Psychic Signature Readings ~ www.ukclairvoyant.com


Soaring Star Trading – www.facebook.com/soaringstartrade/

Natural & polished Crystals, Tumbled stones, Dream Catchers, Pendulums, Native American Sage & Crystal Pendants.

Modern Mystic – Saira Kadeer – www.modern-mystic.co.uk
Psychic Readings with mystic Saira from Psychic Today using Psycards, Tarot, Runes, Pendalum & Crystal Ball.

Shelia K Psychic – Shelia Kadeer – www.sheilak-psychic.com
Tarot, Clairvoyant, Psychic Readings.

Aromaware – Elaine Drake www.aromaware.co.uk
Aromatherapy products, candles, Angels & Jewellery – watches, Aroma pendants, earrings – Holistic feel good products. (Candles are all parafin free, products are all sulphate, SLFS, SLS & Paraben free – bath bombs, soaps, creams, lotions).

Holistic Measures – Shelia Bullard  Offering a wide range of crystals, raw, natural, polished & shapes.  Also wooden wands, smudge feathers & singing bowls – www.holistic-crystals.co.uk

Mark astonMark Aston – Tarot Card Readings – (no website)

Mark is a Spiritual Medium and clairvoyant based in the West Midlands. He will be offering Tarot card readings with Psychometry to give you guidance and clarity with his natural sensitive and empathetic approach.

Ian Morris ~ Mind, Body & Spirit Books & Animal Healing ~ no website

Diana Jaritz ~ www.dianajaritz.com
Promoting differnet healing methods / transformations including stepping out of the matrix.  Also selling different forms of Shungite.

Natures Messages ~ Angela Crutchley – (no website).
‘Nature’s messages’ spiritually inspired Art creations with messages from nature, using Pyrography.  Origional wooden disc oracle sets. Also personal readings available. Natures Messages from the flower fairies – card set.

Riana George – Intuitive Angel card Readings – www.healing-handssanctuary.co.uk

Riana is a professional intuitive Angel card reader and spiritual intuitive, a qualified Reiki Master Healer with her own practice in Weston – Super – Mare.

Julie Duggan.pngJulie Duggan Designs ~ www.julieduggan.co.uk

Beautiful handmade silver & gemstone jewellery.  The stones are all sourced by myself directly and my collections are designed by myself.

Krystina Fitzpatrickhttps://www.facebook.com/krystina.fitzpatrick

Native American style crafts (Handemade) Drums, Rattles, Dream Catchers. Jewellery, Smudging Feathers etc..

Aromarelax ~ Ruthie Carter ~ www.facebook.com/aromarelax.uk
Holistic Therapy taster sessions ~ Aromatherapy (relaxing massage of the face and scalp or back & shoulder with essential oils), reflexology & Sports massage.

Ian Spencer.jpeg

Ian Spencer ~ Visionary Artist ~ www.iandavidspencervisionaryartist.co.uk
Visionary Art/Transcendental Art ~ Prints, framed prints, canvases & cards.


Kathryn Phelps ~ Access Bars

Kathryn will be offering 30 min sessions of access bars.

Quirky Clobber.jpgQuirky Clobber ~ Amber Burke ~ www.facebook.com/quirkyclobber/

My name is Amber Burke and I have a passion for fair trade clothing! I set up my business Quirky Clobber in 2015 and I have recently expanded into jewellery. I have a mobile shop which I bring to my customers, setting up in their homes for a far more relaxed shopping experience! I feel in this age of disposable fashion and sweat shop factories abusing workers basic human rights of a fair wage and decent working conditions, it is so important for us as consumers to stand up and support the companies that are striving for change, to benefit not only the skilled artisans that make our clothing but their families and communities too. I’m very fortunate to have some wonderful companies that I source from, all with a strong fair trade ethic, I’m proud to be able to share their fabulous products with you! Find me on Facebook to view to the collection. I’m really excited to be part of this years event and look forward to meeting some lovely like-minded people over the weekend, pop over to the main marquee and say hello!

Aromair ~ www.oceanspatherapy.co.uk

JOIN US for an illuminating demonstration of the magical health benefits of the ocean. A hands-on, feet-on experience of SOLROX ocean spa therapy crystals, where you can learn more about how joint pain, back ache, neck strain, sports injuries and headaches can all be relieved with the healing power of SOLROX crystals. It’s a simple application that quickly relieves tension and discomfort.  Our trained therapist will be on hand for treatments and demonstrations, and SOLROX products will be available to buy.

Exhibitors ~ Outdoor Pitches

Linda Chester – Amethyst Bio Mat Wales – www.amethystbiomatwales.co.uk

Julie Ann Horrox – Love in the Breath – www.loveinthebreath.com
julieann horrox Awakened

Transformational Breath® Facilitator, workshop and retreat organiser from Glastonbury, she is offering ‘Breathing Analysis Sessions’ all weekend. She is able read your breathing pattern and tell you what are main underlying issues that are holding you back in life and how you can shift the flow of your life with your breath. The way that we breathe is a mirror for the way we live our life, she is offering these powerful sessions all weekend, as well as giving daily talks and workshops.

You can’t miss Julie Ann’s bright pink stall, its full of beautiful gifts and treats for all the family including her own handmade JAHLove metaphysical healing jewellery, crystals, incense and holders, silver jewellery, up-cycled clothes and accessories, bindis and henna.

Cornish Crystal Cavern – Gill, Chris & Shell – www.cornishcrystalcavern.co.uk
Crystals, a large selection at affordable prices.  CD’s, Books, Cards, Buddhas & lots more!

The Healing Tree Centre – Derek Gane & Alison Adamson The Healing Tree Centre – www.healingtree.org.uk
Shamanic Drum Circles, Therapy Healings.  Shamanic crafts & tools.  Aya’s felted dreadlocks.

Devon Wildlife Trust – Local Wildlife, Nature reserves & conservation – www.devonwildlifetrust.org
Providing information about the work of the trust, local reserves, and wildlife campagins.

Wishes Sandie & Dominic Jones – www.facebook.com/wishesdevon/?fref=ts
Hand selected crystal and genuine gemstone jewellery ethincal spa products and home care.  TL energy carafes, fairtrade gifts and holistic therapies.

Moon Hare Studio – Adela & Emma – www.facebook.com/moonharestudio/?fref=ts
Mosiac Art, Tarot readings & Reiki

Faye bradburyFaye Bradbury – Laughing Heart – www.synergy.vpweb.co.uk
Faye will be offering Shamanic Reiki Drum Healing and Journeying and/or Direct Source Mediumship and  Clairvoyance with simultaneous hands on healing (Faye’s gift enables her to access passed over loved ones, animals, guides, Angelic Realms, Ascended masters, Star Nations to Source, depending upon your needs and what Spirit thinks you need).

Individual taster consists of either a short shamanic reiki drum journey or a reiki drum healing plus feedback.

Individual full session: Powerful opportunity to access the subconscious and unlock blockages, understand things/patterns, allow deep healing to take place etc. Starts with discussion of your needs followed by: hands on reiki/healing; reiki drum healing; shamanic reiki drum journey to explore and release, realise, allow deep healing to occur as the subconscious mind has been accessed; rattle cleanse; more hands on healing/clearing/calming; feedback often with messages from Spirit etc.

ros simonsRos Simons – Drums & Ceremonial tools – www.ros-simons.co.uk
Drums & Ceremonial tools, Tree spirit jewellery &      sets. Bespoke tree and elemental tuning forks.  Promoting workshops and courses.

Ros Simons is a teacher, artisan and holistic therapist living and working in Exmoor National Park.

For as long as she can remember Ros has been immersing herself in nature and crafting sacred items from the treasures she finds there.

Now she spends her time connecting people to nature and back to themselves through workshops, drum birthing days and longer journeys working with the nature spirits and wild lands of the park where she lives. She also makes ceremonial and shamanic tools and weaves together sinew, skin and wood to create commissioned drums for Healing, Journeying and Ceremonial use.

Originally trained as a bodywork therapist some 30 years ago, over time she refined her skills qualifying as a Reiki Master Teacher, a Crystal Therapist, an Aromatherapist and an NLP Practitioner.

Tracee Profile PictureTracee Cullen –  Meditation & High Dimensional Workshops, Courses & Retreats in UK – Devon & Glastonbury, Greek Islands & India – www.traceecullen.com   www.chimindbodyandspirit.co.uk /

High Vibrational Teacher, Mentor & Spiritual Retreat Facilitator. Founder of Chi – Mind, Body & Spirit Academy (since 2004), Retreats & Holidays Ltd (since 2011) & AWAKENED Holistic Healing Event (since 2016).

Offering ~ Workshops, Courses, Training, Soul Development & Retreats in UK – Devon, Glastonbury, Greek Islands & India.  Also.. Hand Picked Indian & Tibetan Gifts Singing Bowls, Tingsha, Wall Hangings, Rugs, Cushion Covers, Crystals, Incense, Scrolls, Buddha’s & Books, Cards, C.D. & Esoteric.  Telephone: 01769 560118. Email: tracee_chi@yahoo.co.uk

Annie Hartwright – Ethnic goods / Crystals / Drumming / Ear Candling – (No Website)Annie Hartwright

Ethnic clothing, crystals, singing bowls & crafts, jewellery.  Therapies :- Reiki, Indian Head Massage, Reiki Drumming, Crystal Healing, Ear Candling, Ameythest Bio Mat Therapy.


Jane Fishlock ~ Healing and  Mediumship with Angelic realms.  www.spirituallyconnecting.co.uk/jane-fishlock/Jane Fishlock
Jane fishlock has been working with the angelic realm and the light being for the last eighteen years.her passion is to raise awareness and empower others .workshops and meditations help to shift and release old stuck patterns and have the ability to help progress your pathway. upliftment, power and happiness are yours to own.the key to Janes work is love.

Red Kite Fluteslooks forward to welcoming old and new customers and friends to their stall selling beautifully crafted Native American style flutes made by the very talented Phil Hutton. We have price ranges to suit most pockets.  Lessons and demonstrations will be given by the equally talented Steve Cloudsong and Louise Hutton so come along and let us show you that everyone is able to play the flute. There is an immensely powerful healing aspect to the flute and it works beautifully in meditations.

Teena Cozens
Teena Cozens ~ 
Handmade crafts inspired by the native American people & their way of life, Prayer fans, Painted Feathers, Ceremony Rattles, Dream Beaters, Medicine Bags & leather pouches, Bone & Horn bracelets, Totem Pebbles, Pewter Animal Totem Necklaces.

Amanda Boundy ~ www.blissful-moments.com
I am a Reiki & massage therapist.  I will be offering at the event;
Swedish massage, Pre Blended Aromatherapy, Hot Stone Massage, Hopi Ear Candling, Reiki, Reiki with Crystal chakra balance & tarot readings.

Danielle Ellis.JPGDanielle Alaina Ellis ~ www.divineinspiration.me.uk / www.facebook.com/divineinspiration444

Angelic Crystal Experience, Treatments & Readings with the assistance of Angels and Crystals.  “As above so below”.  Certified Angel Therapist, Crystal Therapist, Psychic Consultant, Certified Tarot Master, intuitively reading for 20 years, Certified Angel and Oracle Card Reader, Fairyologist and Crystal Oracle Reader.

Being Claircognizant she is highly intuitive, and very much divinely guided in all areas of her life. The divine connect with her through thoughts, feelings, ideas, and inspirations. Being inspired to combine Angels and Crystals together within her therapy treatments, and psychic readings, Danielle offers the perfect healing and guidance, bringing heaven and earth together as one, to bring much needed balance, clarity, and insight into all areas of the lives of others.

With a strong belief in the Law of Attraction, Spirit and Service. She is very much an Earth Angel, and Light worker. With a large worldwide following, she spreads Love, Light, and shares her Gifts, and experiences with the World, which she thrives on.

Ian GriffithsLove Technologies ~ Ian Griffiths ~ www.lovetechnologies.net
E.M.F. Protection ~ Orgonite, shungite, protective pendants, mobile phone radiation solutions, earthing/grounding mats, agnihotra kits, crystals for e.m.f. plus other holitic items such as incense, oils, organic superfoods, herbal soaps etc..

I have worked as an engineer since I left school, in my spare time I like to learn and research natural health and started to see problems regarding everyday exposure to electromagnetic radiation and not much being done about it.
I set up Love Technologies to offer solutions and remedies to the exposure we all face from electronic gadgetry and frequencies that we are exposed to daily that pose a risk to our health and wellbeing’.

Love Technologies are a UK based manufacturer of quality bespoke Orgonite products, Earthing/Grounding equipment and offer a range of innovative products to combat the negative effects of electronic technology.
We offer home/workplace and school consultations, educational workshops and talks on protection from electromagnetic radiation, from computers, mobile phones and masts, radio and TV broadcasts, WiFi, Bluetooth, power lines, domestic wiring, smart meters and other electrical appliances,  event and festival trade stands and environmental healing.

susan northrop.jpgSusan Northrop ~ BAHons LRSM FISM Cert Training skills (Music) Dartington MCSH ~ www.musicsoundandhealing.co.uk ~ Sound Healing and assemblage point treatments.  Sound baths. Flute/native american flute performance.

Susan is a musician, playing and teaching flute, clarinet and saxophone privately and in schools, a community musician and Sound Healing Practitioner (trained with Simon Heather at the College of Sound Healing). Susan takes her combined Music and Sound experience into care homes and into the community,working with children and adults, often people with memory issues or learning difficulties. She also has a studio in Barnstaple set up for one to one and small group Sound Healing sessions and instrumental lessons.

stephen cass tent4.JPGStephen Cass ~ Holding group light sessions for meditation and self healing.
Hi my name is Steve,  I would like to introduce the Ajnalight .

I’ve been using & giving group (single) sessions with  the light for around 1 1/2 years . In that time I’ve had some incredible feedback
It was developed  in 2014 to help people explore the intimate connection of the mind , body and wisdom of the  universe .
The light is an innovative and  highly effective device that easily & rapidly brings the user into a deeply relaxed meditative state even without previous meditation experience.
This tool is an incredible breakthrough in technology,  it embodies great healing effects & the power to help us in countless ways .
The light sequences bring about a very magical & unique visionary experience.
Enjoy ……

Kieron Body ~ https://www.facebook.com/Fusiontarot/~ Tarot and Clairvoyant Readings

Time to relaxYour Time to Relax ~ Rose & Steve ~ www.princepweb.co.uk
Our therapies include Crystal Healing, Sound Therapy, Shamanic Healing & Reiki at Master Level.  We also sell handmade Drums, Flutes, Rattles & Dream Catchers, Incense, Smudge with boxes and holders for it.  Also offering a range of tuning forks.

Faerie Hair Sparkles ~ Luna Neale ~ https://www.facebook.com/faerylunasparkles/

Will be offering Hair Sparkles, Feathers, Braids & Faerie Bag & Hair Charms.

20525245_1562623230425666_8359749196902795463_nMama Zells ~ Chloe Laing ~ https://www.facebook.com/MamaZells/
is a concept derived from a genuine sighting of Selene the mother moon goddess. An African prince saw a goddess who’s eyes shone with the light of the moon. Daughter of the moon. Mama Zell.
So you have it, our natural clothing and Selenite dispensary, moon wisdom, reggae, songs, healing and purification in this time.
We gather ethically sourced goods from Africa and work closely with artisans. Mama Zells clothes embody the richness of earthy natural dyes with a range of chakra colours.
Dark reds, burnt orange, gold, greens, blue, purple, white and black.
Colourful range of magic dresses, simple dresses, all in one outfits, jackets and trousers made of cotton, made in Morocco.  Selenite lamps and wands, crafts such as blankets, lanterns and burners.  Bindhis and bracelets, incense ~ palo santo sage.  Handemade tiles and goddesses.


The Wellness Centre 2The Hemp Wellness Centre ~ www.thehempwellnesscentre.co.uk 

Welcome to The Hemp Wellness Centre, we are an individual company in North Devon, England.   We sell top quality hemp CBD products, which we also use ourselves, if we don’t use it, we don’t stock it.

So, how did it all start and why are we doing this.  Mark is a co-founder of the company, was once classed as disabled and had a brain tumour, as is usual with a brain tumour, he suffered from seizures/fits and was in a lot of pain 24hrs a day, 7 days a week for almost 7 years, Mark has made a full recovery since investigating and learning about the endocannabinoid system and what works for him, he is now pain free, tumour free and takes no pharma medicines at all, he is now not disabled and is back driving and operating heavy plant and machinery which is where he met Jeremy (the tester!)

After having discussions with Jeremy and explaining his situation it appeared (unbelievably) that Jeremy’s wife Angie, the other co-founder of the company had not long had a brain tumour removed and was recovering herself, still having the occasional seizure and having lost her peripherial vision, things were going to take time, Mark suggested that she take CBD oil and to see how it goes.   Her seizures stopped and she has not had one in over a year, on her last eye exam, her peripherial vision has almost returned to normal and she is also back driving and no longer taking any pharma medicines herself.   After long discussions, it was agreed that the very products that saved both our founders lives should be made readily available using the most trusted, organic CBD products available at the time, Mark has been studying the endocannabinoid system for a number of years and was keen to try and make this happen.

Our mission is to provide quality products that are grown as organically as possible to ensure they are as pure as the day they left the ground.   All products are fully examined by ourselves and also used by us to ensure we do actually know the product inside out.

So, here we are – SIMPLE as that.

Samantha Barnett profile picMandejá Heavenly Readings ~ offering 30 min sessions of Spiritual Councelling & bespoke Healing Meditations ~ www.facebook.com/angelreadingsbymandejaheavenly

My name is Samantha and I will be offering 30 mins spiritual counselling sessions for £30 and 30 mins bespoke healing meditations for £30 at the Awakened Holistic Healing Event.

I will bring my brochures detailing the other services I provide either in my treatment room in Langtree or via Skype as well as details of the ‘Life and Soul of the Pamper Party Events’ I lead with other holistic therapists across North Devon.

I also draw free weekly cards and daily guidance on my Facebook Page.  I look forward to jointly raising the vibration on this beautiful holistic healing event.

Catering – In main Field

Get your Veg onGET YOUR VEG ON: Food That Makes You Groove ~ https://www.facebook.com/GETURVEGON/

‘We all need to eat. But gone are the days when we paid scant attention to what we eat. Eat healthy, live long, keep fit, save the planet (and all of us on it). And please – Don’t Forget the Groove.

‘Get Your Veg On’ is vegie street food with a difference’..  Word is, the groovy little yellow-all-over mobile food trailer sending out all those lush foodie aromas that get the taste-buds working overtime is the home of fab food. Good food, but groovy food – because, well, we just don’t do boring – in our opinion (and we know what we’re talking about – we’ve been involved in serving food to discerning customers for a decade) food should excite as well as satisfy, interest as well as energise.

And it absolutely shouldn’t rip you (or anyone in the supply chain) off. The good earth yields her produce for us all to share and all that needs adding is lotsa love and imagination (both of which we pour into our own unique recipes in abundance) in mixing and matching her goodies.

The business is a unique brand vegetarian catering trailer, providing food which is a cut above the average in both quality and variation, serving my own recipes adapted as easy-to-eat takeaways at a price that is accessible for most people, from a trailer that stands out because of its personalised ‘arty’ and non-corporate appearance – designed to create an ambience that suits the product. Though a great variety of food is on sale at events such as music festivals, it is still the case that most all-year-round mobile catering offers only the same old standard food items. The sort of food I offer is widely appreciated yet by no means widely available. There is a great opportunity in this and my aim has been to fill this niche with my own recognisable brand – ‘Get Your Veg On’. This name is intended to suggest vegetarian street food for clued-up people, with its slightly ‘hip’ phraseology, and is pitched, not at any particular age group or income bracket but at cultural preferences and choices – eg foodies, people who choose to eat vegetarian food for healthy and ethical reasons, people who warm to individualised food outlets over the corporate experience. ‘

phansits-logo-medium (3)_jpegPhansits Kitchen – Phansit’s Kitchen serves authentic Thai food from its mobile kitchen. A native of Thailand, Phansit has been cooking for the public since he was a boy, learning traditional recipes and techniques by his Mother’s side. After moving to the UK, he worked in several top London restaurants before moving to North Devon to open his own which won the sought after awards Taste of the West Silver 2009 and Taste of the West Gold 2010. Moving to a mobile kitchen has allowed Phansit to take his tasty treats further afield and better fits with his family life, but hasn’t stopped the awards rolling in; Best meat dish, best poultry dish, best fish dish and best of the best over the past couple of years at Ilfracombe Food Festival and Best Takeaway in the 2016 ND Journal Food, Drink and Tourism Awards. The quality is down to a lifetime of experience, use of fine ingredients and methods including hand making all sauces and products he sells.

Awakened will be Phansit’s first festival and the kitchen will be open for lunch and evening service each day of the festival. On offer will be a wide selection of tasty snacks and starters as well as selection platters to suit all tastes. Most of the dishes are gluten free and a special vegetarian option will be available (missing out the fish sauce and shrimp paste). We look forward to joining in with the event and serving the beautiful people.
Devon food company AWAKENEDDevon Food Co ~ will be serving Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner during the event offering..

Grilled halloumi, marinated in honey and balsamic served with rocket, red onion and dressing in bakery tiger bread roll   £4.00.

A local butcher’s lamb burger served with red onion, yoghurt n mint dressing served in the above bread roll £4.50.

Hotdog using local butcher’s sausages, in quality bakery torpedo roll £2.50

Hot/Cold beverages are also served £1 for a cup of breakfast tea, £1.20 Columbian instant coffee.
Devon food Co use all butchers Burgers (beef, Lamb. Pork), Butchers Sausages, quality Bacon rolls.

Exhibitors ~ Event Tents

The Healing Tent

Bursting wth Reiki & Spiritual Healers – Donation Only for the healers (Min £10)

The Meditation/Yoga Tent

1 hr sessions held by various Teachers/Practicioners throughout the event – (Donation Only – 50% to the facilitator & 50% to Charity).

The Chill Out Tent – A quiet space for Relaxation, Contemplation & Reflection

The Childrens Tent – Spiritual Play, Activities & Story Telling

Our Chosen Charity ~ we will be support again this year ~ Freedom Centre

The Freedom Centre ~ will have an Outdoor Pitch & Collection Point (near to the Red Tent)..