Exhibitors for AWAKENED – Holistic Healing Event 2019

We are continually updating this page and adding exhibitors as we receive their details. So much goodness to share for a weekend of raising vibration!

Amethyst Moons – Sue & Ian – www.facebook.com/amethystmoons18

Amethyst Moons2
Amethyst Moons

Ethically sourced healing tools including Orgonite Pyramids, Specialist Rare Crystals, Tarot/Oracle Cards, Pendulums, Pagan Themed Pendants, Healing Wands, Sage, Palo Santo.



Linda Bassett – Spiritual Medium.Life – http://www.spiritualmedium.life/

Linda Bassett 1
Linda Bassett

Linda Bassett is a naturally gifted full-time Spiritual Medium having three decades of experience and a passion for connecting to those in the Spirit World with love and enthusiasm using direct link energy bringing forward validated messages, help and spiritual guidance for you, the recipient.




Natural Tuning – Belen & Rick – www.natural-tuning.com

Belen pic1

The Enchanted Flute will be offering at AWAKENED 2019 – Introduction to Native American flute playing – 1 Hour sessions & the opportunity to attend a flute making workshop – Learn to make a Native American flute – 4 Hours £95 – (Includes all materials, tools and the flute to take home with you!)

Rikk is a musician and Native American flute maker. Over the years while traveling around the world he has shared music with many different cultures. Taking from what he has experienced he is now creating sound journeys. The intention of these journeys is to help us all to heal ourselves and reconnect with Mother Earth through the power of sound, energy and an ancient collective wisdom that we all share.

Belen pic 2

Belén, from Spain, is a certified sound therapist (Harmonic Sounds School) and a Native American flute teacher. Having always a strong connection with nature, her background is Environmental Biology and Ecotourism. She started to play the Native American flute in 2008 and for years she has played while travelling the world. Currently she spends much of her time giving flute workshops and sound therapy sessions, especially sound journeys.
ANGELIC HOLDINGS LIMITED – Jacqui Warne Based in Berkshire – www.facebook.com/AngelicHoldings

Angelic Holdings 3
Jacqui Warne


Jacqui set up Angelic Holdings in 2015 as a hobby to explore an outlet to develop her creativity and meet like-minded people. During this time Jacqui has met a lot of amazing people who have inspired her keep on developing her now successful business/hobby.



Angelic Holdings 1

Angelic Holdings Ltd Jacqui Warne

At AWAKENED Festival Jacqui will be selling Angelic gifts including – hand-crafted Angelic accessories and jewellery, Angels, Angel candles and many more unique Angelic items which she has designed and made.

Jacqui is also an Independent Mortgage and Protection Adviser -Angelic Holdings Limited.


The Healing Tree Centre – Derek Gane – www.healingtree.org.uk

Derek Gane

Derek is excited to return once again to the Awakened Holistic Healing Festival and will be offering Shamanic Healing, Transformational Drum Healing, and Reiki Healing.
There will be regular shamanic drum circles that are for all to join in and occasional “Journeys of Discovery” where you can explore your totem animal allies. Derek will also be available for spiritual guidance throughout the weekend.

Derek Gane2.JPG
Healing Tree Centre – Derek Gane

Derek runs the Healing Tree Centre in North Cornwall where he runs the Shamans Quest, shamanic practitioner training and organises an array of diverse events. Come and explore what’s on offer in the red and white marquee.




Karen Pryce – International Clairvoyant with an extraordinary gift – www.karenpryce.co.uk

Karen Pryce 1
Karen Pryce

Over the last 25 years Karen has, given countless readings, Internationally and UK, helping thousands of people from all walks of life with the various obstacles or decisions they have faced in their lives – whether those obstacles or decisions relate to their personal decisions, relationships, careers, businesses, or the passing of loved ones, you need look no further.

Karen has demonstrated over the years working in many areas, from Equine Communication, Spiritual Healer, Event Organising, Workshops and teaching, and demonstrations of mediumship.

Mark Aston – Spiritual Medium & Clairvoyant www.markjaston.co.uk
& https://m.facebook.com/MarkAstonMedium/?locale2=en_GB

mark aston 1
Mark Aston



Mark works with his spirit guides and helpers connecting using Tarot, Psychometry and Mediumship. He is passionate about working with spirit and his true calling of connecting the two worlds together within his role of messenger between the spiritual and the physical realms.


mark aston 2Mark has well-founded ethics and is motivated to help and inspire people, through his spiritual readings, to achieve direction, closure and healing in their lives with his natural empathetic and sensitive approach.


Thrive Health Therapies – June Carnell – www.thrive-health.co.uk
or info@thrive-health.co.uk

Thrive Health Therapies 1

For the first time June Carnell of Thrive Health Therapies will be at Awakened, she will be offering Auratransformation and Reflexology.

There will be a limited number of Aura Transformations treatments available for those wishing to have an amazing one off, 4 hour, energy upgrade. It is recommend that you make contact with June soon so that you can pre-book and yourself time to do the required reading of Balance on All Levels by Anni Sennov.

Aura Transformation provide you with release from old limiting beliefs and emotional baggage and it assists you with better energy protection, more drive and clarity of thought and purpose. This is an exciting opportunity to align yourself with the current energies ad move forward with your life if you are feeling drained, overly affected by others or just looking to have a clean energetic start.

June Foot Reflex pic3.jpg

June is also offering reflexology at AWAKENED, she happily offers you the choice of hands, feet or facial reflexology and experienced with advanced facial reflexology there will be the option of a 30min de-stress and well being facial treatment or a deluxe on hour treatment.

In a reflexology session, deep relaxation and a holistic treatment combine beautifully to get you back in balance and regain sense of well being.

Pete Nicholson – Healer & Psychic Counsellor – www.petenicholsonhealing.com

Pete Nicholson1

Pete will be offering healing and /or psychic Counselling
What is Psychic Counselling?

The gift of clairvoyance and counselling two different therapies you may think. We go to a clairvoyant to help us connect to a loved one in spirit or help us to make the next move, we see a counsellor to help us unblock or to move on from the past.

Bring theses two together and you have an effective way to move on from past difficulties , situations, and issues that seam to block us, it may be recent or a long time ago, or event something you may not realize is affecting you. Working with you I will target the blockages and try and help you move forward, working on the negative issues to promote the positive ones.

Working with spirit to give you help and support to take the next step to confidently move on and firmly put the past behind you…

Purple Haze Healing – Wendy Fern


wendy fern 3
Wendy Fern

Hi i’m Wendy and I am passionate about what I do . I’m a Reiki Master Practitioner also a Refexologist. I am happiest when I’m helping to heal others which is the best feeling ever. I’ve done all my Reiki training with Tracee and what a fantastic journey it has been and still is .



wendy fern 2
Purple Haze Healing – Wendy Fern

I will be offering taster treatments at the Awakening so please contact me if you would like to pre book . Also I will be selling lots of lovely goodies look forward to seeing you . Namaste. XX

Susan Northrop – BAHons LRSM FISM Cert Training skills (Music) Dartington MCSH – www.musicsoundandhealing.co.uk & https://www.facebook.com/sound.for.healing/

susan northrop.jpg
Susan Northrop

Susan is a musician, playing and teaching flute, clarinet and saxophone privately and in schools, a community musician and Sound Healing Practitioner (trained with Simon Heather at the College of Sound Healing). Susan takes her combined Music and sound experience into care homes and into the community, working with children and adults, often people with memory issues or learning difficulties.




Susan northrop1
Susan Northrop

Susan also works from home in Barnstaple giving one to one Sound Healing treatments and running a monthly Sound Circle (toning chanting and ‘musimeditation’) and regular Sound Baths (often followed by homemade soup and conversation!), using flutes, Tibetan bowls, gongs and other sacred instruments.




Kieron Body – Fusion Tarot – https://www.facebook.com/Fusiontarot/
Kieron pic1
Kieron Body

Hi all I’m Kieron of Fusion Tarot Devon.

I started reading around 4 years ago but have felt spirit for a long time since a young lad.

I’m particularly interested in woodland and feeling the energy of the trees and land.




Kieron pic2
Fusion Tarot – Kieron Body

I read intuitively and use my rider waite cards help.I’m really looking forward to meeting you at Awakened and reading for those beautiful souls that choose.

Drop by for a chat it will be great to connect.

Jackie Townsend

Welcome to the wonderful world of Astrology!

This ancient art, dating back to 2000 BC, links the planets, the Sun and the Moon to the twelve zodiac signs in order to help us manage our lives on earth.

My aim is to provide Astrological intuitive guidance through my personal chart readings to help you to discover or reaffirm your true potential, become empowered by making informed decisions and achieve greater self-acceptance and control of your own life.



Leo moon 2

“Snapshot of the Heavens”….
Your Astrological Birth Chart is a picture of the heavens as it appeared at your time and place of birth. This provides a blue print of your inner design, character, life experiences, calling and purpose and holds the key to discovering your true potential and essence. The Birth Chart is the best guide we have to reveal the most natural way for us to unfold and be our true selves.

The year ahead….

The Solar Return Chart or Birthday Chart is a map of the sky at the exact moment the Sun returns to the same position it occupied at the time of your birth. This provides an insight into what lies in store for your year ahead.


Gemma Jones – Signature Sound Therapy – https://www.facebook.com/signaturesoundtherapy/

Gemma Jones 1

Over the past 2 years Gemma has facilitated access to Music for children and young adults that have varied disabilities. Devising and delivering creative Music, Art & Drama based projects and activities. Working with people in a 1-2-1- and in a group environment. Previous to this she has worked closely with families, in Africa on a music exchange programme to immerse herself into their culture of Music & Sound.

The BAST method of sound therapy combines carefully considered therapeutic sound techniques which have been shown to affect physiology, neurology and psychology with a form of reflective enquiry (a kind of questioning). This approach has been shown to be very effective at improving health and wellbeing.

Gemma Jones 2.JPG
Signature Sound Therapy – Gemma Jones

The therapeutic sound and sound therapy techniques are delivered using tonal and rhythmic instruments and voice. The tonal instruments I use are Himalayan Bowls and Gongs. The vocal techniques are toning (the singing of one tone – usually using a vowel sound), overtoning (a technique where more than one tone is sung simultaneously).
A therapeutic rhythm treatment/session is given using frame drum and therapeutic percussion comprises rainsticks, shakers, chimes and other percussion tools delivered in a specific order to maximise the therapeutic process.

Dan Rox – Daniel & Adam Neale – www.facebook.com/DanRoxCrystalsBizarre

Dan Rox 2
Dan & Adam – Dan Rox
Dan Rox was established in 2015 out of a mutual love of Crystals by husbands Daniel and Adam Neale.
Since then they have grown to specialise in hand picked beautiful crystals and stones from around the world, they pride themselves on beautiful displays and bringing

something new to each and every show.



Dan Rox1
Dan Rox

Since 2016 Dan has been running crystal workshops at shows and since early 2017 full day workshops, including crystals for each chakra, gridding, Pendulums and working with Birds of Prey and more…

This is our 3rd year at AWAKENED and we can’t wait, its a beautiful environment and we love raising the vibration with everyone present.


Natures Messages ~
Angela Crutchley – www.facebook.com/Natures-Messages-1705356739720519/

natures messages3
Nature’s Messages – Angela

Nature’s messages’ spiritually inspired Art creations with messages from nature, using Pyrography. Original wooden disc oracle sets. Also personal readings available. Natures Messages from the flower fairies – card set.

“Nature is a beautiful creation just packed with hidden messages, knowledge and guidance”.

natures messages2
Angela Crutchley

Angela is a Reiki practitioner, respected medium and spiritually inspired artist, with a background of nursing, health visiting and teaching. She was inspired to combine her spiritual gifts with her love of nature and childhood love of art. She has creates spiritually inspired artwork with Messages from nature on wood using pyrography. Angela has also produced two wooden oracle sets called ‘ Nature’s Messages from the Animal Kingdom ‘ and Nature’s Messages from the Woodland Folk’ along side her Oracle card set called ‘ Nature’s Messages from the Flower Fairies ‘

Moon Hare Studio – Emma Stannard – www.facebook.com/moonharestudio/?fref=ts

Emma Stannard 1
Moon Hare Studio – Emma Stannard

Mosiac Art, Tarot readings & Reiki.

I have highly developed intuitive skills as a Tarot Reader and Reiki Master which I have been using professionally for the past 3 years. My skills as an empath and healer have been developed and nurtured through my life choices and career paths.


emma stannard 3
Emma Stannard

Through my readings I can guide you in recognising the opportunities that surround you, helping you identify the challenges you face and discover the steps you need to take so you can realise your potential. My intuition is the lamp that will illuminate the path ahead. Healing is an essential part of my work and I will use the power of crystals and positive energy where needed.

Moon Hare Healing also offers a range of spiritual goods and positive affirmation Mosaic art.


Love Technologies ~ Ian Griffiths ~ www.lovetechnologies.net

Ian Griffiths 2

E.M.F. Protection ~ Orgonite, Shungite, protective pendants, mobile phone radiation solutions, earthing/grounding mats, Agnihotra kits, crystals for e.m.f. plus other holistic items such as incense, oils, organic superfoods, herbal soaps etc..

I have worked as an engineer since I left school, in my spare time I like to learn and research natural health and started to see problems regarding everyday exposure to electromagnetic radiation and not much being done about it.
I set up Love Technologies to offer solutions and remedies to the exposure we all face from electronic gadgetry and frequencies that we are exposed to daily that pose a risk to our health and wellbeing’.

Ian Griffiths 1

Love Technologies are a UK based manufacturer of quality bespoke Orgonite products, Earthing/Grounding equipment and offer a range of innovative products to combat the negative effects of electronic technology.
We offer home/workplace and school consultations, educational workshops and talks on protection from electromagnetic radiation, from computers, mobile phones and masts, radio and TV broadcasts, WiFi, Bluetooth, power lines, domestic wiring, smart meters and other electrical appliances, event and festival trade stands and environmental healing.

Stella Grace – doTERRA Oils, Reiki Treatments, Astrology readings, and Tarot readings.- https://www.facebook.com/Stella-Grace-Reiki-Master-724736391045471/
Stella pic 2
Stella Grace

Hi, I’m Stella Grace, and I am passionately following my purpose to share my services in the holistic healthcare field. It is my biggest wish that i can help guide others to shine to their absolute fullest potential, and access their own innate healing and development tools.

All of the services I offer to support healing, healthcare and spiritual growth are tools that have helped me on my own journey and my heart and soul goes into each of them. Firstly, I am a Reiki Master and Teacher, and I adore both giving Reiki Treatments and receiving them. I have found Reiki to be an incredibly powerful yet simple force that supports the body’s healing processes on all levels, as well as being an incredibly therapeutic experience in itself.

As well as traditional treatments, I also offer the option to use crystals and/or Therapeutic-Grade essential oils to enhance and deepen what is already a beautiful and sacred treatment. I am also beginning a phase of Reiki training at Levels 1, 2 and 3 from this October with a limited number of places still available, if you would like to discuss further or book your space.

Stella Grace

I also supply and create blends of Therapeutic-Grade essential oils, as i have found them to be life-changing for my all-round health, and that of my family’s. We use therapeutic oils support for anything and everything that comes up on all levels of health; physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Adopting this lifestyle has formed a rich catalogue of case studies from living and loving the oils every single day! Additionally I use them in my treatments and daily spiritual practices, as well as in my hand-made toiletries and household products that avoid single-use plastics and toxic content.

Lastly, my services also include Astrology readings, and Tarot readings. I have used both tools for many years for greater knowledge and understanding of myself, my relationships, and the world around me. I provide in-depth Birth Chart readings, including detailed coverage and understanding of your unique birth chart, whether you are new to astrology or have some experience already. These readings include the chart itself and a 7-page report to take away. My Tarot readings offer a traditional 10-card spread in most cases, unless we are called to explore something different, and offers honest yet uplifting insight that has often proven to be profound and motivational for development on all levels.

South West CBD Storewww.instagram.com/southwestcbd/


CBD store2
South West CBD Store
South West CBD Store is a new business located in Instow, North Devon supplying CBD oils, liquid vapes and other CBD related products.
CBD is a chemical compound that is derived from the cannabis plant, but because it comes from the leaves, flowers and stems rather than the seeds, it contains less than 0.2% THC, so you won’t feel any psychoactive effects, making it completely legal to sell in the UK.
This means you can indulge in this natural ingredient without any unwanted after effects.
CBD oils may be beneficial to ease aches and pains, arthritis, and some reports state Multiple Sclerosis sufferers found that short term use of CBD oil may reduce the levels of spasticity a person feels ( medical news today ).
People also use CBD oil to help with stress and anxiety.
Visitors to Awakened are more than than welcome to come to us for an informal chat and to ask any questions they may have.
Cover design facebook.png
Tracee Cullen

Offering ~ Accredited in person & ONLINE Groups, Workshops, Courses & Training for Transformational Personal, Spiritual & Soul Development. Public Speaker.
♦ Meditation Teacher Training
♦ High Dimension Awaken & Healing Programme
♦ Raising Vibration.. Working in the New Energies
♦ Intuitive Professional Tarot
♦ Reiki Master/Teacher Training (Eastern & Western)
♦ High Dimension Group – Awakened Inner Circle

High Dimension® Meditation, Awakening & Transformational Workshops, Courses & delivering Spiritual Retreats since 2011 in the UK – Devon, Glastonbury & Wales, Greek Islands, Sri Lanka & India (Goa).

Founder of Chi – Mind, Body & Spirit (since 2004), Retreats & Holidays Ltd (since 2011) & AWAKENED Holistic Healing Event (since 2016). Email: contact@traceecullen.com

PhysiYoga Designs Ltd – TillyLou James http://www.thebuttafly.com/ https://www.facebook.com/TheButtafly/

PhysiYoga Designs
TillyLou – PhysiYoga Designs

Designer of the Buttafly®– the revolutionary prop for yoga, meditation and back care.

Hi I’m TillyLou James and quite simply, I’m passionate about empowering people to reach their full potential in life.
I believe that becoming aware of physical sensations in our body can be a powerful way to connect with a deeper sense of self and that this is fundamental to realising all that life has to offer us – and vice versa!
I trained as a Physiotherapist in the 80s, have studied acupuncture, Maya medicine, the Buteyko technique, Emotional Freedom Technique, Matrix Re-imprinting and META Health. I’m a qualified Nordic Walking instructor, Infant Massage facilitator and yoga teacher – read here lifelong student!

Buttafly batch 2 8

Five years ago I designed the Buttafly as a versatile yoga block and ergonomic meditation seat for sitting cross legged on the floor, with the aim of making this position easier for those of us who have grown up in the West and more comfortable.

What initially I conceived to be a secondary gain of the design – spinal realignment that, almost without exception, occurs as a result of using the Buttafly carefully positioned under the pelvis in supine lying – has almost taken precedence, as people from all walks of life attest to the benefits for low back pain and associated symptoms.
As a hands-on physio, trained in the days when massage was a key skill, I’ve struggled with the idea that lying down on a fancy shaped foam block can cause such speedy and transformative results – surely this smacks of our material world and the desire for a quick fix… Where is the power of human touch? But the obvious physical changes, the spontaneous tears of many who try it and the countless positive testimonials leave me no choice but to accept with grace and humility, that I’ve designed something rather special.

Marbles & Stones – Sarah Barlow – www.marblesandstones.co.uk

Sarah Barlow
Sarah Barlow Marbles & Stones


Marbles and Stones are looking forward to exhibiting at this special event again in 2019, and we’ll be bringing our best game !!

Magical Egyptian Alabaster stoneware, Organic Incense and a special selection of Abalone and marble ……



Sarah Barlow1
Marbles & Stones


‘This Egyptian stone has been used since before the time of the Pharaohs as a channel between the earth plane and the higher realms. Calming, beautiful and high vibrational ….. Enjoy !!

Looking forward to seeing you there xxx


Hair Sparkles & Feathers – Tania Woodward

Hair Sparkles & Feathers1
Tania Woodward
Tania has been offering beauty-full hair sparkles and feathers at events, festivals and to individual clients for over seven years.

Tied onto each individual hair, the shiny and sparkly strands can last for a day, a week, a month or even a year.

Wash, blowdry, straighten or curl they stay until that hair leaves the head.


Hair Sparkles & Feathers3.jpg
Hair Sparkles & Feathers
Real, natural or hand dyed colourful feathers can be crimped into the hair for a bohemian look.
Tania also creates faery feather falls. Hand made from feathers and felted wool, they clip into your hair.





Amelia-Maud – Magical Maison
Magical Maison.jpeg

Spiritual Reader ~ Women’s Empowerment Workshop

1 to 1 readings, delivering messages from spirit of hope, healing, comfort & guidance. I also hold workshops, talks and have run circles throughout the UK and abroad.

A spiritual reading is a journey with loved ones – angels and our guides to help us with questions and answers we all have within this life time.

Beat Root Drums – Phillip Bramhill – www.tonguedrum.co.uk
Beat Roots2
Beat Root Drums
I make steel tongue drums by hand. They are made from recycled gas bottles, so are an ethical product. I also paint the wonderful designs onto them. People play them for relaxation, in meditations, for sound healing, at the end of yoga sessions etc. The sound has often been likened to that of a harp
Beat Root Drums
They are not drums in the traditional boom boom sense, but they are very soothing to the soul. I make the drums at my workshop near the North Cornwall coast with love and positive intent going into each and every drum.

Beat Root Drums




Janet Monkwww.janethealing.com

Janet Monk 3
Janet Monk
My name is Janet Monk.
I lived in London, but my heart had always yearned for nature, so after becoming a frequent visitor to Glastonbury I moved there permanently.
I have been practicing holistic treatments for a few years now.
I began as a Reiki master healer, and soon discovered that with my affinity with Crystals I should study in Crystal Therapy.
Indian Head Massage and Hand Reflexology soon followed, and have become very popular treatments both at events and in my therapy base.
Janet Monk 2.jpg
Janet Monk


I will be offering at AWAKENED – Reiki Healing, Crystal Therapy, Indian Head Massage, and Hand Reflexology.  A taster session or full treatment with consultation are available with the Reiki and Crystals. I will also be offering 5 different crystals to buy that relate to the treatments.

Lisa Allen Holistic Therapist – www.lisaallenholistictherapist.com/contact

Lisa Allen 1
Lisa Allen


As a holistic therapist I believe in the link between our body, mind and soul and believe that if we care for the body, this has an impact on our overall wellbeing.



Lisa Allen5
Lisa Allen
With this in mind, all of my treatments are tailored to bring balance and harmony to both the body and mind.
Relaxation is at the heart of everything I do. Come visit me in my little bell tent haven for Massages and Reflexology.


The Form – Reality Practice – www.bprior.org

Bernie Prior 1
The Form – Reality Practice

Bernie is a profound visionary and contemporary mystic who
has been teaching internationally for over 30 years. His philosophy crosses the range of human experience, assisting individuals to bring greater conscious awareness and the ability to creatively apply it to all aspects of their personal and professional lives. 

He offers a unique and awakening perspective on life from the smallest matters that shape our personal lives to the biggest universal questions of human existence. His invitation is to fully Be in life as Awareness-Knowing in amongst, yet beyond, the conditionality of human experience.
Bernie Prior 2
The Form – Reality Practice

With compassion, humour and uncompromising Truth, he brings the highest teachings straight to one’s core and into daily life. His discourses cover all areas of Life: relationships, deep sexuality, work and creativity, parenting and children, all brought to an awakening heart of Conscious Awareness.

Author of Love without Duality & Founder of The Form – Reality Practice

Oil Faction – Melvyn Foot – www.oilfaction.co.uk

Over 60 essential oils, charka sprays, rollon blends, car diffusers etc


Devon Food Company – www.devonfoodco.co.uk
Devon Food Co Menu – Open 8.30am until 7pm ish – Click Here.

We are a small local business, with the ethos of supporting other small independent retailers wherever we can.  For example our beef, lamb, venison and pork burgers are made by one local company and do not travel more than 15 miles.  Likewise with our butcher’s sausages – all made to order weekly and delivered to us.

Our catering trailer is an upcycled late sixties horsetrailer and reinvented to a quirky event masterpiece we love, as opposed to buying a modern day purpose built catering trailer!

We hope you love our food as much as we enjoy providing it for you.

Raw Food – Juices, Smoothies & Vegan Burgers
Serving 9am – 9pm
The Kernow Vegan – no website
The Kernow Vegan provides a tasty, healthy range of homemade salads and dips as well as a huge range of baked and raw vegan cakes.