Welcome to ASN.. where we are consciously actively participating in creating the world we want to live in. By gathering together we ensure that as one we can connect, support and thrive in our communities through skill share, resources, education, wellbeing mental emotional physical and spiritual.

TOGETHER we are in each area gathering to network and align to the collective vibration of UNITY.. we are doing this both through physical meet ups and online PORTAL, which enables us to privately, safely and authentically give and recives, seek resources, like minded souls and have abundant opptunities to gain skills or to share yours if you would like to.

We have many mtlethods from live zoom gatherings, workshops, accursed and interviews, articles articles shared spaces, forums and resources, library for meditation and books to regular ‘go to for meditation, healing and soul nourishment.

All of this is absolutely available to ALL, no matter what your circumstances.

We have already met up a few times in Devon and have had people bring and share, donate and exchange which is part ofnour core ethos and we will diversify to evolve this as we go forward now. 🙂

As we are all participating, giving and receiving, some have given their time, skill and helped create the space, some wantbhealing, some give healing and some have donated and some have paid forward for someone else yo recive that needs it..

It is not a ‘GROUP’ but a way of life.. one we must return to.. our major shift andnlessin is to come outbofnsolitude as we have taken anlong road to get to mow that hasn’t been easy and solitude has been each of our survival instincts as we have detached in society and amongst friends and family.

Now we return to unite but not in the 3D (material, ego, competitive, personal gain qay), but as a higher frequency, so that it is us choosing tinshow up authentically and gain balance .. more than that actually.. equilibrium.. a joining of a posing forces..

Whilst we have and some continue to leave to leave system, the main stream and findbtgeirnway out of fear, many enter suggesting.. from here we can use this energy as a catalyst to transmute fear into creativity.

The divide between the spiritual ‘beings’ is at a pivotal point, as is the shift for the collective..

Ot is why we cane here and why we must stay.. we are here to do this together though.. for that is truth..

Welcome and we look forward to meetingbuou, sharing both then portal and meet up space.. to grow and create abundance amount oursleves, choose to live a more balanced live, FREE from conditioning, the old paradigm and to do so aligned to Peace, love and harmony.. to do so with compassionntonour selves and each other..

The first true awakening is to be conscious of judegment.. there are layers of this to navigate and so as we hold space we do sonqithout judgement but also have healthy boundries.. for those to unite with transparency are welcome, anything less than fornthe Highest greatest good will not.

In love and unity.?