This lovely space creates a diverse selection of  meditation sessions delivered by various Teachers ~ Please find the full programme below.. enjoy..

Meditation & Yoga Tent ~ Sessions ~ by Donation
50% to the facilitator 50% to The Freedom Centre Charity.
Please note that the Marquee has a matting but you may like to bring something to lay on – not essential.

Saturday 26th August 2016
10.15am -11am ~ In Matrix 1 Marquee ~ Opening of AWAKENED 2017 ~ Setting Intention
11.15 – 12pm ~ Dominic Jones ~ The Magickal Nile ~ Cleansing & rejuvenation with the help of the Egyptian gods Sekhmet and Anubis.
12.15 – 1pm ~ Rose & Steve Princep – Guided Mediation to Find your spirit animal ~   Keeping everything centered in “our land” we will go on a guided meditation to the sound of the drum and voice, finding our spirit animals and communicating with them.
This is a guided journey into the lower realm of the world tree in non-ordinary reality. We will journey to a steady beat from one of the shamanic or healing drums to a space that we will be able to re-visit time and time again. In this space, we will meet up with our Spirit Animal (not to be confused with our Power Animal), connect with them and let them take us on a journey within a journey. In this time we are ale to receive messages from our animals to bring back with us to our daily life in ordinary reality.
1.15pm – 2pm ~ The Freedom Centre (Lindy Strong) – ‘Let Go’ ~ guided meditation to make space for participants to look at issues they are holding onto that are causing them feelings of anger, resentment or pain.  The process will include step by step guidance of how to let go so you can move on.
2.15pm – 3pm – Stephen Cass – Alpha Mediation ~ De stress & immerse yourself into the deeply relaxing Aplha Frequency.   Slow down mind chatter, stress, fears & phobias. Increases your mind power and overall happiness. Using Ajnalight a highly effective device.
3.15pm – 4pm – Jane Fishlock – In Depth working with inner self
4.15 – 5pm – Tracee Cullen ~ Be the Energy ~ High Dimensional Meditation ~ Resonating with the AWAKENED Vibration.. shifting your awareness to ‘be the energy’ and to be the spiritual being you are.. assisting you in developing ‘New energy’ techniques for your own ‘meditation’ practice at home.  For Beginners or Advanced.
5.30 – 6pm – Jess Styles – Bubble Meditation ~ Children’s Meditation

Sunday 27th August 2016
10.15am -11am – Julie Ann Horrox ~ Love in the Breathe ~ Dance & Breathe your way to freedom.  A great way to welcome the Morning! ~  
Starting with slow and gentle warm up Yoga stretching with conscious breathing progressing into freestyle movement & dance, to wake up your body and get your energy moving for the day ~ with Great music.  Finishing with a short transformational Breath session for deep relaxation, sharpening mental focus and intention setting for the day.
11.15 – 12noon – Stephen Cass – Theta/Delta Mediation
~ Drift into the realms of your sub conscious with these deep meditative frequencies of theta & Delta. Enjoy a deep spiritual connection & Unity with the universe.  Vivid visualisations & profound creativity. Using Ajnalight a highly effective device.
12 – 12.10pm (10 mins Universal meditation throughout whole event – please hold the space).
12.15 – 1pm – The Freedom Centre (Lindy Strong) – ‘Engage the Peace’ ~ Guided Meditation to allow participants to step out of the busyness of life, let go of all the distractions and step into a place of inner peace whilst they engage the peace that brings all things to rest.
1.15pm – 2pm – Jane Fishlock – Working with nature beings and lighting the planet.
2.15 – 3pm – Natallie Groves – Healing Meditation ~
Reiki Healing combined with a guided meditation to clear and assist healing for those who attend.  Intuitive guidance is given at the end of the session for the group.
3.15pm – 4pm ~ Sandie Jones ~ Journey to the Sacred Temple for Healing & connection to the Angels.
4.15 – 5pm – Glynis Keens – Stillness Meditation ~
 Using techniques to help connect with your higher self and to find love and peace within your whole being.  Channelled meditation.
5.30 – 6pm ~ Jess Styles ~ Over the rainbow ~ Children’s Meditation

Monday 28th August 2016
10.15am – 11am ~ Julie Ann Horrox – Dance & Breathe your way to freedom
. Gentle warm up yoga stretch with conscious breathing progressing into freestyle movement & dance.
11.15 – 12 noon ~ Rose & Steve Princep – Sound Bath ~ relax while the sounds of the gong, singing bowls, Koshi chimes & drums wash over you taking you on a meditative journey ~ Relax while the sounds of the gong, singing bowls, koshi chimes and drums wash over you taking you on a meditative journey.  Come and join Galdrastafir the magical stave drum which will provide a deep heartbeat as you are bathed in the relaxing tones of gong, singing bowl, flute, hand drum and the delicate Koshi chimes. A time to look in awe through your inner child’s eyes as the wheel of the year turns away from Lammas (Lughnassadh/Frey Fest) to Mabon, the last rays of warmth from the sun ripening grain and summer fruits alike. Truly a time of plenty, we create an intention of total abundance while each individual person is bathed in magical tones, combined with the universal energy of Reiki.
12.15 – 2pm ~ (1hr 45mins) Dominic Jones ~ Connecting to the Ancient Energies ~
Learn about the ancient deities & mythology, connect to your roots through meditation & work.
2.15pm – 3pm ~ Jane Fishlock – Body scanning with inner repair and healing ~ Let go of the past and engage with the future – Meditation.
3.15pm – 4pm ~ Stephen Cass – Mystical Recipe ~ This session includes Aplha, Theta, Delta, Gamma & Lambda.  Reach extrodinary states of conciousness found in the highest states of meditation. (tibetan Monks access the deepest levels of insight & mystical out of body experiences. Using Ajnalight a highly effective device.
4.15pm – 5pm ~ The Freedom Centre (Lindy Strong) – ‘Feel the Love’ ~ Guided  to allow participants to engage with, absorb & be changed by an encounter with Love that resets our inner being.
5.10pm – 5.30pm ~ Jess Styles ~ Enchantment ~ Children’s Meditation
5.30 – 6pm ~ See Matrix 1 Marquee – Closing of AWAKENED 2017 ~ In Gratitude & Unity.