AGNI TEMPLATESaturday Evening 31st August 2019
Tickets –

What a special treat to have once again at this years AWAKENED Event..  we have a very special Ayurveda ~ HEALING FIRE ~ AN EVENING OF AGNIHOTRA.

Saturday Evening – 7pm ~ 9.30pm (meet 6.45 Red Tent) £20 ~ Just 20 places will be available. This will be for Saturday Night Campers only as it will be held in the main field after the event has finished and held at sunset ~ (Ticket Only online or at the red Tent depending on availability – please be aware we did sell out for this previously).  You will be given everything you need to perform this healing fire included within the cost of the ticket.

Ian Griffiths ~ Agnihotra ~ A Healing fire workshop from the ancient science of Ayurveda ~ HEALING FIRE ~ AN EVENING OF AGNIHOTRAAgnihotra is a healing fire ceremony from the ancient science of Ayurveda. It is a remedy for the toxic lives we have created through modern technologies. It works with the principle of heal your environment and the environment will heal you.  Small fires are specially prepared in a small copper pyramid, in tune to the biorythms of sunrise and sunset.

HEALING FIRE WORKSHOP ~ The evening will begin with a brief talk explaining the benefits and science of Agnihotra, you will then be provided with everything you need to perform Agnihotra, followed by learning a short sanskrit mantra and preparation of the fires.  There will be calmness and peace promoted with a short meditation while the fires burn. Then the evening will finish with drinks, ambient music and drums.
When the fires are out, you get to keep the ash!! (a potent medicine) and you can purchase agnihotra kits and supplies if you wish.  All you need is a cushion to sit on and a shawl to keep warm and protect your clothes from smoke.  Children are welcome provided they are calm natured.  Please bring your own snacks/drinks and a drum or other musical instrument for later.