A Journey of Sound to take us beyond what meets the eye.

The instruments I play are Treasures. They give voice to stone, wood and skin. Their music expresses our close relationship with nature.
Such music plays an important part in the rituals of everyday life. It breathes the spirit of our ancestors into today’s world.
Sika Deer. 

The Sound Journey

Sound connecting you with your Source of Power.

Close your eyes. Lie down and experience the power of primordial sounds, as Sika plays Didjeridoos, Drums, Flutes and Rattles.

A Sound Journey is powerful and deep! Enabling people to move through obstacles within themselves, it invokes healing and profound transformations that can be carried into day-to-day life afterwards.

Sika has over 25 years experience, using sound to enter altered states of consciousness, healing energy and connection to our deepest essence.

His extraordinary collection of instruments has great beauty and spiritual significance. Collected from Indigenous people around the world, they stand as a bridge, in a timeless union with nature.

Played over and around our body, they feel very relaxing and meditational.

Not surprisingly many people also see visions.

Imagine for a moment…a bunch of leaves whooshing through the Sage infused air, a Didjeridoo spiraling about the sacred space. The sound of the Bull-roarer opens a portal.

Rocks, shells and feathers entice you further in. The heart beat on a drum entrances your mind and you leave time as you know it. You have entered a magical realm where anything is possible.

Held in the gentle, nurturing cocoon of sound, we surrender to the ancient memories of Earth’s prehistoric past. Future insights into what lies ahead.

Revealing both an individual Dreaming and a collective one.

Gratitude is felt for the teachings from the aboriginal people of the world and for the spirit that guides us on our paths. Special thanks to my teachers and the Elders, who support this healing.

This is a very special experience to have within the AWAKENED Holistic Healing Event set in the Taw Valley deep within nature.

Tickets £10 for Monday 28th August 1.30pm ~ 2.30pm.

Sika Portrait with instruments