AWAKENED 2017.. Gratitude.. to all..

So.. in gratitude to the universe for once again a high vibrational collective gathering for AWAKENED 2017.. and the sunshine we received was amazing!???

The event was created in Love and Unity and as most of you will know and appreciate it takes a year of work to deliver..  all of which is absolutely the right thing to do, as it was to move the venue this year to the most beautiful peaceful location in the Taw Valley.. to continue with intention to raise vibration and to also raise awareness for our chosen charity ‘The Freedom Centre’ .

Those resonating with the event have and will continue to process many vibrational shifts on many levels.. it seems the more ‘Awake’ we are the more profound these shift will have been this weekend and will continue to do so and unravel..

So many shifts and feedback again this year of what has been felt.. the catapults to move forward.. awareness on so many levels.. to know that we are collective energy and not separate.. releasing if old patterns, beliefs, restrictions.. this has been again this year for Exhibitors, Visitors and Volunteers.. some have been able to pin point what started a year ago to the AWAKENED weekend to now.. and to what continues.

Everything  is being shown and gives us all the opportunity now to go within and take responsibility for our own healing if we are evolved enough to do so.

There are many thank you’s..

○ The ‘core team’ of volunteers that helped months before in the preparation of the site & site visits, signage, logistics of what was planned, pitching and more.  Then to work relentlessly throughout the whole weekend when we sadly had a few core volunteers down due to unavaiodable personal situations.  You were all amazing and worked through with a smile.?

This of course includes Tina.. (my mum) who despite being unwell has assisted when possible with exhibitor bookings before hand and on arrival at The Red Tent.. 

○ to the volunteers that joined us onsite for the event for various shifts and others that stayed onsite with an exchange of camping, you all assisted the core team and especially those that continued with integrity when most needed to support the event and collective energy.

○ To Rachel Rose & Chloe Laing who gave us such a heart felt opening and closing ceremony that was personailesd to the AWAKENED event vibration.. amazing..?

○ To Sika who gave his focus and energy to the event and held space for his Evening Concert, Full day workshop and Sound Journey..  mainly intimate gatherings that have had profiund healing effects for many.

○ To Patrick Gamble, Greg Smith & Karen Pryce who all held space and delivered such an amazing Sunday evening for all.. for the origional painting giveaway called ‘transformation’.. and the many nessages received.  Also to Greg for delivering a 3 hour Workshop to an intimate group that have found this invaluable for their continued journey.

○ To all the contractors.. all of which we have used for again for the 2nd year.. Marquee Hire, Toliet & Shower Hire, Bell Tent providers (for visitors and volunteers), Commercial Rubbish Collection (which is zero landfill) special thanks to our new printers.. as our previous ones let us down a week before the event!

○ To the Venue.. Weirmarsh Farm and the preparations made for the land, gate ways, access & the help from the Alpacas setting up. ?

○ To all the Exhibitors that without the event would not be possible.. you all resonated with the vibration and delivered such amazing vibrant stalls.. and assisted many throughout the weekend.. especially to all of you who also delivered FREE Workshops & donation Yoga and Meditation sessions throughout the Weekend.

○ A massive thank you to the caterers that were amazing in providing food thoughout the weekend when we were 2 caterers down due to unexpected injuries.

○ To the healers in The Healing Tent that provided Reiki healing all weekend on a donation basis and to Jess who delivered the Indigo Childrens Tent.

○ and.. lastly to you.. to all of the visitors.. for all gathering and trusting in this event..

I have set the intention for AWAKENED 2018 and the dates will be for August Bank Holiday again..  each exhibitor has a form to rebook until the 1st October and then we will open up to those that would like to attend.

Providing we have the continued support of the exhibitors and the visitors to want this event to proceed then I will be happy to dedicate my energy to the manefestation of another year.. the venue is happy to proceed again for another year and therefore AWAKENED 2018 will remain at Weirmarsh Farm.. everything is guided and as it should be.

Namaste everyone.. ‘my soul honours your soul’

Tracee Cullen

Event Organiser ~

A gathering of like minded souls.. all resonating with the Awakened vibration.????