June 2022 – Event Update

So we are moving forward with the community aspects of the Awakened vision (ASN Awakened Souls Network) and see the AWAKENED Holistic Event – 3 Day Festival very much a part of this in the future, to resume as we progress. (Due to the withdrawal of large events at the previous venue we will wait until all aligns. This though will all be, meant to be)!

Having awareness of all that is ‘playing out’ in the world currently we can all see or for some at least feel that something amazing is emerging from all the 3D kayos, as the illusions drop and we are left with a world aligned to compassion and unity.. the first step to oneness!

We know that we must actively participate.. one of my repeated messages for several years!

The visions that have been given to/through me personally for all of this is far bigger and so with patience we are aligning to manifest to right location/land/premises for the gathering of souls again and continue with trust, dedication and in service to do so.”
– Tracee Cullen
Awakened Event founder & ASN – non profit community.


So having decided to deliver Awakened again for the 2nd year at Tawstock Court, (we normally move each year to align with current energy and resonance with the event, but we decided to return and expand what we had begun at this venue), however unfortunately we received notification that they were to pull out for their own reasons, whilst this was at the end of the year, it still is not enough timing for us to secure a large venue for August bank holiday! For transparency – Here is a copy of the email from Tawstock Court.. “I wanted to email you as we have recently had to make the tough decision to draw back on what we do here. As a result of the lockdowns, personal circumstances changing and rising costs of insurance rates (due to Covid) we have decided moving forward that we will just be concentrating on our core business of hosting weddings and small corporate/public events. I am so sorry but we will no longer be able to host large scale events such as Awakened or other festivals moving forward and although we would love to see them return in the future, sadly we have to reign in the spectrum of events that we do here to make our business viable. I want to wish you all the very best for the future and hope our paths cross again.” – Tawstock Court.


For obvious reasons, mainly for us being that the restrictions set for businesses at this current time, we are not aligned to conform, we have decided to hold off for 2021 until we gather again in total freedom.. but intention for 2022 is set, along with the creation of our community. 🙂

Watch this space for ASN – Awakened Souls Network.
facebook group here if you want to join & check out how we go forward – https://www.facebook.com/groups/452931608669390

Our perception of the world is different..

There is much change and far more to come..? update for the AWAKENED INNER CIRCLE will be added in the Portal this week & energy update.? June brings us major shifts of a personal level & relationships of all types.

Much of our personal interpretation of the world will be based on our sub concious, our reactions to everything external including others is a reflection of our own awareness and self healing.

Many things will trigger us ALL at the moment. For those that have done a lot of self development this will be rapid and show what else we have to clear within us.

Remember that we are responsible for our own energy but also that of the energy of those we allow into our space.. and spend time with.. so boundaries are essential.. & even detachment.

We each have to take responsibility for our own journey and often things that are said or ‘posted’ challenge us, because somewhere within there is more to do.. it is easy to ‘blame others’.. there will be a lot of virtual ‘unfriending’ to come for everyone and if your not aligned then often this is a good thing, but if it’s just because we are challenged.. stick with it.. and GO WITHIN!

Likewise more will be drawn to you that are of authentic sharing, alignment and vibration.

We are also seeing much ‘blast from the past’ energy.. i.e those that we have been distanced from, had disagreements with long ago, or that have for no reason (known to you), distanced themselves or cut off.. they are coming around again.. maybe not even in your direct path but one that you can view, observe and gain clarity from.

Much love everyone.
Tracee Cullen – High Dimension Teacher & Mentor?‍♀️?

Venue Site visit.. AWAKENED 2019 preparations begin..

We have had all weathers today.. beautiful sunshine whilst walking the grounds and some energising rain whilst touring the beautiful manor house..

I have previously had the privilege to have worked at this stunning venue over several years for various events (when it was a private school) and each time including today I am taken aback by the majestic presence that this building has.. the history can be felt the energy is special and the whole venue is now in good hands!

When deciding to bring AWAKENED here this year.. for me there was never any question about the suitability of the energetic alignment for the event just the practical needs to be able to deliver such an event in this location.. today we have tweaked some more and explored the grounds deeper into the logistics and the creation is evolving continuously.

Exploring this stunning house always brings more and more as there is so much to offer and today has been about strengthening the original vision, laying the foundations of plans and creating even more for the event.

Particularly lovely today exploring the woodland areas, camping field that we have dedicated for our weekend visitors and exhibitors.  The camp fire area is set amongst the the edge of the camping area within a woodland area where we will sit and gather together for evenings of collective vibration.. sharing of company.. voice and raising vibration in unity.. (This will be for campers only so get your pitch booked early)!

There is so much to be delivered and explored for this event that we can all feel the energy rising already..  a feeling of excitement prevails as we collectively work together as like minded souls to create something energetically good for the collective.

Accommodation onsite.. as well as the camping field we have a great selection of onsite accommodation that will be available to book very soon.. (I will announce the release date on here).

So as we gather momentum don’t for get to book your early bird tickets here
Ticket linkhttps://awakend-2019-holistic-healing-event-tickets.eventbrite.co.uk


AWAKENED 2019.. Earlybird tickets are now available..

vistaprint awakened 2019AWAKENED 2019.. Earlybird tickets are now available..?

Tickets can be purchased through this page without leaving facebook or follow this link – https://awakend-2019-holistic-healing-event-tickets.eventbr…

These are released as discount tickets & NO FEES to pay!
Limited tickets available at these initial prices to enable those that wish to confirm, attend and save..?

The evening tickets are also LIVE and will only be sold at the event if there are places remaining.

Created in Love & Light,
Tracee Cullen High Dimension Teacher



?Today as a reminder is the deadline for existing exhibitors to re book their pitch & discount.. lovely to see many returning – http://awakened.co.uk/exhibitors/

?All new exhibitors that have completed a booking form AND PAID their deposit will be processed over the weekend on a 1st come basis and thereafter as booked.

?As you know we have limited spaces for some pitches I.e. readers, crystal stalls, treatments etc to keep a fair & varied for both exhibitor & visitor.

?Pitches are inside the Manor House, in a marquee or bring your own Gazebo.

?Workshop & Meditation/Yoga session booking forms are also on the same link and are offered to EXHIBITORS only – Teaching & sharing of knowledge is a huge part of AWAKENED to raise vibration.

⚡Our software that we are using for bookings etc has made the process incredibly easy this year to complete and you will receive a confirmation email once application has been received, but again your booking date will only be accepted from the date both the booking form & deposit is received.

⚡Our last event we had to turn several away because of repeat offerings so the only fair way is above and I trust that everyone that resonates with the event and meant to be there will be!

⚡Exhibitor Bookings, Workshops, Yoga/ Meditation Sessions & Volunteer Join the Team Form Link –

Exhibit @ AWAKENED 2020

Tracee Cullen High Dimension Teacher