June 2022 – Event Update

So we are moving forward with the community aspects of the Awakened vision (ASN Awakened Souls Network) and see the AWAKENED Holistic Event – 3 Day Festival very much a part of this in the future, to resume as we progress. (Due to the withdrawal of large events at the previous venue we will wait until all aligns. This though will all be, meant to be)!

Having awareness of all that is ‘playing out’ in the world currently we can all see or for some at least feel that something amazing is emerging from all the 3D kayos, as the illusions drop and we are left with a world aligned to compassion and unity.. the first step to oneness!

We know that we must actively participate.. one of my repeated messages for several years!

The visions that have been given to/through me personally for all of this is far bigger and so with patience we are aligning to manifest to right location/land/premises for the gathering of souls again and continue with trust, dedication and in service to do so.”
– Tracee Cullen
Awakened Event founder & ASN – non profit community.