So having decided to deliver Awakened again for the 2nd year at Tawstock Court, (we normally move each year to align with current energy and resonance with the event, but we decided to return and expand what we had begun at this venue), however unfortunately we received notification that they were to pull out for their own reasons, whilst this was at the end of the year, it still is not enough timing for us to secure a large venue for August bank holiday! For transparency – Here is a copy of the email from Tawstock Court.. “I wanted to email you as we have recently had to make the tough decision to draw back on what we do here. As a result of the lockdowns, personal circumstances changing and rising costs of insurance rates (due to Covid) we have decided moving forward that we will just be concentrating on our core business of hosting weddings and small corporate/public events. I am so sorry but we will no longer be able to host large scale events such as Awakened or other festivals moving forward and although we would love to see them return in the future, sadly we have to reign in the spectrum of events that we do here to make our business viable. I want to wish you all the very best for the future and hope our paths cross again.” – Tawstock Court.