Hi everyone..
AWAKENED – Holistic Healing Event
Date for next Event? – We are currently looking at all options to create AWAKENED 2019, so still yet to be confirmed.

Please show your support here if you would like this event to go ahead.. maybe even share a memory from the event to raise the vibration and an announcement will be made soon!

Held end of August (Bank Holiday).. this event would continue to support our local homeless charity, create opportunities nationally for therapists, creative’s, intuitives, healers, spiritual teachers by giving a platform to share knowledge, energy, awareness as guided.. all within the new AWAKENED vibration.

There are many aspects to consider for bringing AWAKENED 2019.. I personally feel ready to deliver the event in continued Love and Unity and will do so as intuitively guided should it resonate with the collective..?

So let me know in the comments below.. share this post to gain momentum and let see where it takes us!?

Tracee Cullen High Dimension Teacher