received_10156545750631102UPDATE – AWAKENED
Hi everyone, I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine and festival season..
We are continuing to receive so many emails and messages to apply to be an exhibitor this year which is both mind blowing and also awareness of many resonating with the vibration of the event.. However..
As previously announced back in April after 2 very successful years the event is taking a year out this year – it will be decided at the end of this year if the event will go ahead next year for 2019 – If so it will remain as the August Bank Holiday.
We have also had contact from many new visitors wanting to attend this event specifically based on feedback of previous attendees – so again this is very appreciated that the event has reached this level of being known, and I felt I should write this to clarity and reach those that may still not be aware.
I look forward to connecting with you all again soon!
For now enjoy eclipse season and that it brings in creation of our unique selves.
Tracee Cullen High Dimension Teacher
Created in Love & Unity,
Awakened Holistic Healing Event